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About Your Business

For most business proprietors or managers, the bottom line is the indicator of performance. Monitoring and regulating that performance is often done by analysing the ledger. When the figures look shaky somebody has to take the hard decisions to bring them back to a state of health. Common reactions are:

  • How can we reduce costs?

  • How can we cut back on wages?

  • Can we raise our prices?

  • How can we boost our sales?

Many times these reactions happen too late. The factors that affect the bottom line are many, and many of them have nothing to do with dollars. They do have a lot to do with systems and with people, and with what the people do.

  • People are the most valuable resource in your business.

  • Systems are vital to your business.

  • Planning is essential to your business.

  • Communication is the key to your business success.

  • Communication with your market is vital.

  • Our Business is helping you do Your Business - better.

Some of the aspects of running a business might include:

  • Choose and establish your business structure

  • Choose and protect your business name

  • Raise finance & manage your money

  • Choose and operate a business bank account

  • Examine your finance options

  • Work out how much working capital you'll need to keep afloat

  • Plan and monitor your cashflow

  • Assess your retirement needs

  • Understand the special needs of your business sector

  • Investigate and apply for the licences and permits that your business may need

  • Review the regulations that may apply to your business

  • Set up or maintain your premises

  • Set up or operate your business at home

  • Establish and maintain a safe workplace

  • Set up or manage your operations

  • Finance your equipment, plant and machinery

  • Set up your suppliers

  • Set up and maintain stock control and inventory procedures

  • Set up transport for your business

  • Promote & sell your product or service

  • Identify and monitor your target customers

  • Set and monitor the price for your product or service

  • Plan and monitor your marketing strategy

  • Close sales and get paid

  • Set up and promote your business online

  • Stay within the law when selling your product or service

  • Protect your business

  • Protect your ideas

  • Insure your business

  • Set up or upgrade your IT system

  • Set yourself up for e-commerce

  • Set up your company's administration and record-keeping systems

  • Understand and comply with your income tax obligations

  • Understand and comply with your GST obligations

  • Consider allowable business expenses

  • File your company returns

  • Take a holiday

This is not an exhaustive list, but in can sometimes be exhausting. Successful business operators put in place as many systems as they can to keep control of the many bits and pieces that make up the whole business. It's your business and your responsibility.

It's Your Business but we take our responsibilities seriously, and we like to see people succeed!

So we have put together a range of systems and services to help make your life easier and your business more profitable. That's our business.

How can we help you?

Take a quick look at the range of services we offer. We have many years of experience in working with business owners and managers to help them find the right path to success. Talk to us. If we can help, we'll work with you to find a system that matches your needs and suits your budget.









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