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Whether you're just getting started in business or a seasoned campaigner, chances are you face a few challenges in making your business work best for you.




















Our Business is Your Business

We can help you with a variety of business building strategies, including web site systems, marketing, advertising, copy writing, customer relationship management, policies and procedures, general documentation, training and human resource development.


Some of the services we provide:

Business Web Site Systems

After many years of consulting to business operators on their growth strategies and especially on their online marketing, Active Business Systems has joined the websitegurus network because we discovered that this widely acclaimed Australian web development organisation has already invented the wheel. And that wheel is perfectly round, perfectly balanced, and runs smoothly, efficiently and economically.

If you don't have a web site yet, now is the time to get started. Your future and present customers are already looking for you online.

If you do have a web site, how well is it working for you? Is it bringing you more business? Is it costing you more than you would like? It might be time to look at our special offer.

Business Building

We work with you to analyse your current business position and develop a program to streamline your operation and build your level of activity and profitability.

Business Planning

An integral part of every business operation which is often overlooked. A basic business plan should be a working document which you use to monitor and refine the progress of your business. It should make your work easier!

It's not as difficult as it looks.

We can show you how to do it and provide you with a range of tools to make it easier and more effective.


Most people think marketing means advertising. And they think it costs too much. Let us show you what it really means and how it works for your business. And it may cost a lot less than you think.

Communicating with your Customers

We can provide a range of techniques and systems to build lasting bonds with your current and future customers. We all know that customers dictate how well your business operates. Without them, you don't have a business. Let us help you keep them onside and get them working for you.

Business Operational Basics

Business owners often overlook the nuts and bolts of running a business because they are too busy working to keep the business afloat. But the nuts and bolts hold the business together and if you don't pay some attention to them, it could begin to fall apart. We can provide simple systems to help keep everything together and running smoothly. It helps you sleep better at night too.

Copy Writing

You need good copy and you need it written in English (since we're operating in Australia). People notice spelling and grammatical errors in documents, signage and advertising. And they make judgments about your competency in business on the basis of the written word.

Equally, or even more importantly, the choice of words, especially in your advertising and sales material, can make the difference between success and desperation.

Let us take a look at your material and help polish it to a nice shine. Or you may ask us to create it for you from scratch.


In business, as in life, it's often good practice to have someone you can talk to and call on to help you work through your challenges. More specifically, it's good to have someone help you set up a structure or program to get you from where you are to where you want to be, and then meet with you regularly to keep you on track.

Can you name a champion sportsperson who does not have a coach? You may not be aware that most leaders in business or in public life also have coaches or advisers or mentors.

We have a range of programs designed to suit your business needs and budget.

Put us to the test

Activebiz consultants have worked with many businesses of all kinds and sizes over the years, and we're honest enough to tell you that occasionally we have found that we can't effectively solve someone's problems. When that has happened we have been quick to tell the client and do our best to refer them to another consultant or organisation who we believe may be better equipped to assist.

We work face to face with business owners primarily in South Australia. But we're happy to work with you if you reside in some other part of our nation. It may be by phone, online, or in person. Contact us and we'll work out the most suitable and effective option with you.









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